My initial psychotherapy training was completed in 2003 with Dublin Counselling and Therapy Centre, becoming accredited with IAHIP in 2006. I undertake continuous Clinical Supervision and Continuous Professional Development. Michele works in a process orientated way, using movement and breath and art, as an effective way of accessing, unfolding and understanding the roots of complex issues and trauma. I am particularly interested in finding ways to alleviate the impact and effects of intergenerational trauma and fear on our lives and in our society.

Michele provides supervision and reflective practice to psychotherapists and counsellors at different levels of experience; trainees, pre accredited and experienced therapists. I also offers this service across the different professions, such as nurses, GP’s, community and education leaders and chaplains. Work place staff support, is a reflective space to look at the challenges of work and the impact on wellbeing. It is important as an on-going prevention and support to compassion fatigue, burnout and the stressors of everyday work, particularly for frontline workers. In an increasingly demanding work life loaded with deadlines, targets, and `through put´ the human aspect of work can easily be overlooked and undervalued.

I maintain a busy private practice online in Kenmare which has been my home for the past 32 years. My work is supported by a daily meditation practice, time spent in nature, swimming & gardening and creative expression through art textiles.

For further information or to arrange an appointment please contact me on 087 2564189 or email