Stone Arch Centre

Stone Arch Holistic Health was established in Kenmare, in July 2014, as a centre for Psychotherapy and counselling offering one to one support and workshops using the basis of mindful self- care and creative expression as a support and nurturing of well being.

In addition to counselling and psychotherapy, Stone Arch Holistic health also offers a wide range of therapies including, Acupuncture, Massage, Reflexology, Pancafit, Guidance Counselling for Young People and Adults. We have 2 monthly clinics, one with Dietitian Helen Harvey & Nutritional Therapist Linn Thornstensson, the other with Edyta Bodnar Clinical Herbalist.

Stefanie Posthuma, Massage 089 9836196

Birgid Posthuma, Acupuncture 087 7857244

Andrea Tadello, Massage & Pancafit 083 8359503

Roberta Enrico, Reflexology 0874546666

Helen Harvey Dietitian 083 8621154

Linn Thorstensson Nutritional Therapist 0862468822

Edyta Bodnar Clinical Herbalist 0857116361

The Stone Arch Holistic Health is located in the what was the old Munster and Leinster Bank house on Shelbourne Street.This prestigious building was designed at the beginning of the 20th Century, becoming a Doctors Surgery and private home in the 1970’s.