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Practitioner Development SupervisionA small innovative and intimate group process

Would you like to explore your infinite potential as a therapist to become free enough to permit and enjoy the emergence and embodiment of your true and wild practitioner self?

Many of us feel depleted and overwhelmed by our work. This group will help you rejuvenate and rediscover the passion that first ignited us to do this work.
The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted and challenged us all; this is an opportunity to reflect on how our practice has shifted in this changing world. Where do we find stability in uncertainty? How can we ground this change and harness our practice to become cutting edge practitioners? There are many ways.

  1. The strength of this group will be the process of “self-reflection before action” and continued development of emerging best practitioner self.
  2. An understanding and awareness of our inner experience and relationship.
  3. The relationship between client, therapist and how the field may be at play in influencing the work.

Michele has a Masters in supervisory practice and is dedicated to facilitating others to develop and become the most potent version of themselves and discovering their unique practitioner style, becoming free enough to be the therapist of their dreams!

Course Details

Small innovative learning group taking place online via Zoom.
The next group will commence January 2024 and run until November 2024 (excl. Aug)
6 participants 10 monthly sessions. Wednesday mornings 10am -1pm

Suitable for therapists of every level of experience, most important is a willingness to engage and commit to the process.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss this further.

087 2454189