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Reflective Practice and Cross Professional Supervision

This reflective space is an opportunity to look at the challenges of work and the impact on wellbeing. It is important as an on-going prevention and support to compassion fatigue, burnout and the stressors of everyday worklife. In an increasingly demanding work life loaded with deadlines, targets, and `through put´ the human aspect of work can easily be overlooked and undervalued.  This at a point in time when it is most needed. The emotional and psychological impact of work can be challenging.  Supervision is one response.  It can be viewed as the *‘pithead time’, for those who work at the coal face of human difficulties; a time to shower off and let go of any residue from work.

A space where the human being impacted from the work of caregiving and dealing with others can experience restoration and maintain wellbeing.

* ‘Pithead time’, is something which the miners in England fought for in the 1930s. It was the right to wash off the grime and coal dust of work, at work, rather than take it home with them to their homes and families.

Bespoke Training and Facilitation

I provide  training and development and facilitate tailor made workshops based around the themes of Reflective Practice; Caring for Self in the Workplace, and Approaching Work with Ease.  I have provided specific training and continuous personal and professional development for the adult education, community sector and community counselling centres.